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  • What is the difference between Porcelain and Ceramic?
    Porcelain is fired with longer duration in the making process, which make it more durable. Hence, Porcelain is suitable for both in/outdoor, floor and wall, while Ceramic is only recommended for indoor and wall.
  • Do i need to soak the tiles before installing?
    Ceramic tiles have tiny pores that will absorb water, hence soaking the tiles with water before installing is required in order to avoid absorbing water from the cement. Porcelain is denser than ceramic, hence soaking water is not needed.
  • Can i DIY myself?
    For best result, we recommend customer to find an contractor to install with their professional experience and technique. However, DIY is still an option.
  • Do i need to hack the existing tiles?
    We recommend hacking the existing tiles for best and durable result. Uneven or cracked existing tiles can cause issues after tile is installed. However, Tiles over Tiles is still an option.
  • What material is recommend for installing the tiles?
    We recommend using Adhesive Cement (Cement gum) mix with Latex (Susu cement) for better and durable result. (Ratio should refer to the brand) For customer who insist on DIY Tiles over Tiles, we recommend using Maxbond Construction Adhesive for wall.
  • How to fill the gap between tiles?
    We recommend using Color Grout from brand such as Davco and Weber to fill and decorate the gap between tiles. Color option is based on personal preference.
  • What should i use to clean the tiles after installing and regularly?
    We recommend using acid-free and pH-neutral tile cleaning solutions in order to avoid damaging the tiles. Please noted that acid and high-pH solutions could damage the tile if without operation by professionals.
  • When can i received the tiles after order?
    We can deliver the tiles within 1-2 days after payment. *For customer who order via Shopee/Lazada, we guarantee to ship out the parcel within 2 working days. However, the duration of whole shipping process is not guaranteed.
  • Which logistic company do we use to deliver?
    We deliver using our own transport, we handle the tiles with good care. *For customer who order via Shopee/Lazada, it depends on them, either J&T, Poslaju, Ninjavan, Shopee Express or Lazada Express.
  • Our shipping coverage?
    Our own transport delivery service only cover KL and Selangor area. Customer located outside Selangor can order via Shopee/Lazada, or can enquiry us for alternative method.
  • Do we carry the tiles upstair for Apartment/Condominium?
    No, we do not carry the tiles upstair for Apartment/Condominium. We will only unload the tiles at the loading bay.
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